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Recipe at Work

Posted on Nov 9, 2013 by in latest | 2 comments


Here's a quick peek at my "process" for converting a recipe to gluten-free.  Its a bit of mechanics, and a bit of art, as most usually go through several tweaks as I play around with flour blends, fat ratios and flour blends until I get the texture I'm after.

This particular recipe began life as a Rose Levy Berenbaum recipe (she is a baking genius! if you don't have her books, you should!).  It has become the brown-sugar cake base that was used for THIS Persimmon Upside-Down cake.

I'll be talking at more length about my process in a longer blog post tomorrow :)

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The best Cornbread you will ever eat! ... and its Gluten-free
Because, biscuits
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