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Real Food Made Easy is Victoria’s first fully Gluten-free catering service!

Bespoke Catering services

We have been providing bespoke catering services since 2009 for special events ranging from intimate dinner parties to garden-party weddings.  Early in 2013, in order to complement our gluten-free baking, and meet the needs of customers requiring safe gluten-free catering options, we made the decision to shift all of our baking and catering to solely gluten-free!

Our service is a highly personalized one, where we design a unique menu to complement your vision of your special event!!!  We also provide some onsite coordination and support to help ensure your event unfolds flawlessly.

Our catering is slow-food inspired – fresh, local ingredients prepared elegantly – where we have a direct hand in preparing and sourcing every component of our menus.  Our cuisine is globally-inspired, but builds from a firm foundation of the best West Coast ingredients our farmers and fishers have to offer! We get excited when you get excited about food!

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