Gluten-free Flour Weight-Volume Measures

When I first began baking gluten-free products, I was stymied as to why some baked goods turned out well while others were disastrous, and simultaneously began to wonder why I wasn't baking by weight as I do when baking wheat-based products.  Given the high cost of many gluten-free flours, this was not only an exercise in frustration, but was becoming costly for my baking "fails".

This idle thought quickly brought me to a point of frustration, as I discovered that the many gluten-free flours I was working with all had different weight-volume ratios!  i.e. a cup of sorghum flour IS NOT equivalent to a cup of potato starch … or rice flour!

Out of frustration, and because I do a fair bit of customized baking and recipe development, I pulled together this chart of gluten-free flours and their weight-volume equivalents.   I hope you find it useful — some has been gleaned from packaging,  and some has been double checked by my own measurments.  I also use this to calculate the gram-per-cup measure of some of the more common flour mixtures I use for my baked goods (simply calculate a weighted average for the flour mix of your choice).

Downloadable (pdf) file: Glutenfree flours volume-weight